Web Development

Custom web design and development

We specialize in providing custom-built solutions to meet specific requirements and budgets because applications are as unique as companies using them. We have an unmatched record of empowering you with state of the art website design and development on time and on budget. We offer full-cycle development services to businesses of all sizes utilizing proven platforms to deliver competitive solutions and accelerate time-to-market. Our portfolio draws on quality and rapid development of web projects for clients across public, private, government and not-for-profit sectors.

Ecommerce Ecommerce
Media & communications Media & communications
Leisure & entertainment Leisure & entertainment
Government & NGO Government & NGO

Our approach

With twelve years’ experience in providing professional front-end designs and back-end programming, we cultivated and refined our own methodology to make sure the entire rollout process runs smoothly and with the highest quality outcome. During the development, our dedicated team guides you through the process giving you a complete overview of the projects’ flow. As no two projects are ever the same, we customize our engagement models to meet your specific needs. We move at your speed and act as an outside IT consultant who knows your business well enough to address problems early before they grow.


Nora™is an enterprise web development platform developed by Inbox that gives you the freedom and flexibility you need to create engaging web experiences and reach customers across all channels. Entirely developed in-house, it’s one of the most reliable development tools that can get you up and running fast and deliver immediate and long-term results. With a focus on usability, simplicity and ease-of-use, Nora™ provides a comprehensive development platform for modern companies.

  • Leading enterprise CMS
  • Commitment to standards
  • International support
  • Modular development
  • Multi-site environment

Mobile Application Development

Android application development

Mobile devices are overtaking PCs as the most common technology to access the Internet. Ignore it, and you risk of being left behind. Your customers need to reach you not only from the desktop but on mobile devices too. It is important to embrace the change and work out how to integrate the full potential of mobile technology into your business operations, and this is where Inbox comes in.

We provide custom software development services:

  • Mobile strategy
  • Mobile application design
  • End-to-end mobile app development

Android application development comes as a natural sequel to our technology and programming platform. All our products and projects are based on Java and Android is Java at its core. If you need an Android developer, we can assist you in developing mobile applications for Android platforms or applications based on our Nora platform. You’ll benefit from a high-quality application that meets your business objectives.

Contact us for more information. Our experienced team of developers can solve any problem and improve any process regardless of your company’s size. Our unique approach fits every budget.

Our Recent Mobile Projects

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Application maintenance

Inbox’s application maintenance services are tailor-made to help you get the best out of your existing IT applications and cut down on maintenance costs incurred by time-consuming in-house application maintenance. The shift from your in-house maintenance team to our outsourcing team is gradual and highly customizable. It brings the advantages of outsourcing by offering fully managed services with the best available team. The service is based on the amount of hours your business requires and involves simple and predictable budgeting enabling every company to fully control their costs - without surprises.

Support & Maintenance

High quality Java/Apache-Tomcat/Linux/OpenStack Technical Support and System administration.

While design and development is the core of our offering, we also offer a wide variety of support and administration contracts spanning from single per incident projects to enterprise class administration and outsourcing of JAVA-driven software.

Inbox provides expert installation and technical support services on major Linux distributions (including RedHat, Fedora, CentOS), as well as any other operating system. Specifically, we provide excellent service in technical support for Java/Apache/Tomcat/MySQL platform and OpenStack Cloud Computing.

We have in-depth experience in solving all types of JAVA/Apache Tomcat/Linux and network related problems and specialize in providing remote support, troubleshooting, administration and management services worldwide.

Inbox can deliver OpenStack Private Cloud Computing solutions and provide constant support and maintenance.

Linux System Administration

  • Remote server administration
  • Co-located/remote hosted server management
  • System troubleshooting & debugging
  • Network management (LAN/WAN)
  • Disaster recovery
  • Security auditing & hardening
  • Software installation & configuration
  • Kernel rebuilds & module management
  • Backup planning & implementation
  • System scripting (Bash, Python, ...)
  • Performance tuning
  • Emergency support (24/7)
  • Documenting the operational environment

Tech support for Apache and Tomcat servers, and related software

  • Installing and configuring base packages and modules JAVA/JSP/JSF; CGI Scripts; mod_ssl, mod_rewrite, mod_proxy.
  • Creating SSL certificates for secure applications (e.g. E-commerce sites).
  • Configuring and Auditing secure configurations.
  • Integrating Apache and Tomcat with proxy servers (e.g. Squid) for applications such as traffic redirection, filtering and shaping.
  • Tuning and enhancing Apache and Tomcat performance.
  • Applying updates, security patches, and bug fixes.
  • Any other technical support.

Tech support for MySQL and Oracle Database servers, and related software

  • Installing and configuring MySQL/Oracle stand-alone servers
  • Installing and configuring MySQL/Oracle cluster servers
  • Administering the servers to ensure 24/7/365 availability
  • Optimizing the servers for performance
  • Disaster prevention and recovery
  • Implementing backup procedures

Tech support for Email servers and related software

  • Installing and configuring both stand-alone and clustered Email servers
  • Installing and configuring SMTP servers
  • Installing and configuring IMAP/POP servers
  • Installing and configuring anti-spam policies
  • Optimizing the servers for performance
  • Disaster prevention and recovery
  • Implementing backup procedures

Tech support for other Linux services

  • DNS & DHCP servers
  • Version control servers
  • File storage servers (FTP, NFS, Samba, Ceph)
  • Directory servers (LDAP)
  • Proxy servers (Squid)

Security & Firewall

  • Security auditing & updating
  • Linux router firewall design-configuration
  • IPtables configure and tuning
  • Network security auditing & hardening
  • Security alert and upgrade management
  • Disaster & compromise recovery
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Cloud Computing

High quality OpenStack Technical Support and implementation

OpenStack is an open and scalable platform for building public and private clouds. It provides both large and small organizations an alternative to closed cloud environments, reducing the risks of lock-in associated with proprietary platforms. OpenStack offers flexibility and choice through a highly engaged community of over 6,000 individuals and over 190 companies including Rackspace®, Dell, HP, IBM, and Red Hat®.

If you want to benefit from the scalability and self service capabilities of the cloud, but have security, location or other requirements, Inbox PRIVATE CLOUD is for you. Inbox will deploy and manage an OpenStack-powered private cloud for you that can be fully hosted anywhere you choose.

  • Remote support
  • Install and implement OpenStack
  • Add/Remove/Configure/Patch OpenStack services
  • Troubleshoot
  • Upgrade Assistance
  • Resize environment
  • Operating system maintenance and support
  • Monitoring and alerting

Why do you think you need the cloud?

Cloud migration is a big step for any organization, and potentially, a very smart fiscal decision. But, there are a whole lot of questions that need to be answered as you begin to think about migration, specifically:

Are you making the move for server virtualization, disaster recovery, business continuity, storage, etc.? Don’t just take on a migration because it’s what everyone else seems to be doing. It’s vital that you understand which of your workflows, applications and data are right for the cloud and exactly how much your organization would benefit from it. Then address the following questions.

What type of migration makes the most sense for your organization?

Staged Migration

This requires moving single departments and services over, one at a time – to keep day-to-day business as close to as-is as possible during the migration.

Forklift Migration

This requires temporarily cutting out service during the migration process. It’s the quickest and least expensive option, but the scariest for most companies to take on because of that period of downtime.

Phased Migration

This requires simultaneously running redundant systems during the physical transition. This is likely the most costly option, but for a company that demands no service interruptions, it may be an essential choice.

What are you going to be migrating?

From servers to networking, storage, replication and recovery services, licenses and more, it’s essential that you think through exactly what parts of your infrastructure are going to be a part of your cloud, and whether or not you want to own, rent or buy these capabilities.

How do you put together the right migration plan for your organization?

There’s a different “right” migration plan for every business. But, it’s probably going to be more work than you think. Let Latisys put together a Migration Portability Matrix for you, grading every IT aspect of your business in terms of portability from a cost-benefit standpoint – and determining what parts of your infrastructure make the most sense in the cloud.

Public vs Private CLOUD

In the public cloud, apps and data run on the same shared public pool of resources – available to anyone with the swipe of a credit card. This type of environment is well-suited for certain applications such as test & development, mobility & social media, as well as some email, file sharing & collaboration systems. But when security and compliance matters, when workloads and applications are mission-critical, or when hands-on expertise is needed to tailor, migrate and optimize your environment – a private cloud solution is best.

“With public cloud, you get what you pay for: limited visibility, weaker security and less isolation.”

Public cloud IaaS is cheaper than private, but you get what you pay for. Your workloads, applications and data may sit on the same server or network as a hacker from China or a spammer from Russia. You also have no visibility into the hardware your environment is running on or control over the Quality of Service (QoS) you receive. Leading private Cloud providers build their platform using brand name servers, blades, firewalls, and load balancers that are built for multi-tenancy and provide greater security and isolation. They also create separate resource pools so customers can choose the performance level best suited to their application. With the public cloud it’s truly “one size fits all”.

Myth: Cloud Computing = Loss of Control

Quite the contrary.  While some are concerned that outsourcing their IT will result in a loss of control, the beauty of the cloud is that it’s really more of a trade-off. When you own and self-manage your hardware, you are obviously in full control over configuration and performance. But as you outsource more and begin to move workflows, applications and data to the cloud, what you lose in direct control over hardware, you gain in complete control over IT resources and usage. The cloud enables you to spin up and down virtual instances on demand, tailoring storage, RAM, CPUs and more in ways you simply couldn’t do easily or as often in a dedicated environment.

You enable your team to optimize the performance of the underlying technology that drives your systems and applications, instead of spending their time maintaining and managing IT assets.

Inbox can deliver OpenStack Private Cloud Computing solutions and provide constant support and maintenance. More details HERE!

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