Efficient Content Management

NoraCMS™ is an enterprise content management system that gives you the freedom and flexibility you need to create engaging web experiences and reach customers across all channels.

Nora CMS - Efficient Content Management


Nora CMS™ offers a complete solution for integrating, delivering and managing content across multiple channels - web sites, mobile sites, social networks for total media presence. Nora CMS™ is the Enterprise Java CMS that gives you the freedom and flexibility you need to create outstanding customer experiences that differentiates you from your competition.

  • Leading enterprise CMS
  • Commitment to standards
  • International support
  • Modular development
  • Multi-site environment

Tech Spec

Tech Spec

NoraTM Technologies:

J2SE 7 : JSF2 : JSP / JSTL : Lucene : Ruby : Javascript / AJAX : JMS : Terracota Quartz i Ehcache : jasperreports : iText : HTML5 / CSS3

Operative systems

Linux : MacOS : Unix : Lucene : Windows

Application servers:

Tomcat : Jetty

Web services:



Java Standard Edition 7


MySQL : Oracle : PostgreSQL : SQL Server

Nora CMS

The highly configurable nature of Nora CMS™ makes it adept at fulfilling a variety of different purposes. It has multiple business and industry uses from Web-based ERP systems to complex Web portals.

Nora CMS™ uses a clean, modular architecture with an emphasis on the separation of the content from the presentation logic. With focus on usability, simplicity and ease-of-use, Nora CMS™ provides a comprehensive development platform without sacrificing freedom of both web developers and end-users.This enables content editors to create content once, and then deliver responsive, engaging, multi-channel content over web sites, mobile sites, etc.


  • Single content database, single user system
  • Role-based content delivery
  • Runs on Java technology, a mature, higly scalable platform with excellent integration
  • Custom video player
  • HTML 5, Flash, MPEG4
  • Large files uploader integrated in CMS
  • Easy CDN integration
  • Cloud ready
  • Mobile & Responsive front-end
  • One system all devices
  • Automatic content SEO
  • Transcoding server for video files to different formats
  • Video encoding server integrated with CMS
  • Multiple languages


The true benefits of Nora CMS come with their implementation as it works the way you want and need - accustomed to your preferences.

All modules developed in-house

All CMS modules are built from scratch at INBOX. We control the code completely. No open source solutions have been used as every part of the system is developed from scratch.


In use on over 300 portals and websites internationaly, NoraCMS platform proved to be highly reliable. It can be optimized for the best performance under any load to scale up to different clients' needs.


The system powers different types of websites and web portals from small company sites to large multimedia portals. It can be customized to meet diverse client requirements.


12 years in operation and the system has seen no incident or corrupted website. In-house development and making no compromises were paramount to the security of the system.

Constant Development

A dedicated team of programmers and developers is constantly working to improve NoraCMS in compliance with the latest standards in online publishing.


Inbox makes sure that all clients receive constant support during collaboration.

Nora CMS Preview
Nora CMS Preview
Nora CMS Preview

Key reasons why Business people love Nora CMSTM

  • No need to ring IT to publish new content
  • You can create, share and collaborate around web pages and get more stuff done
  • No need to ring IT to personalize content per mobile devices
  • Nora CMSTM (i.e. content & features) is highly personalized: visitors see what they need to see
  • No need to ring IT to create engaging social-enabled pages
  • Get easy-to-use features & cutting edge technology at a small fraction of price big vendors charge


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