AdBOX™ - The right campaigns for the right people.

AdBox is a comprehensive online advertising solution trusted by Serbia’s most popular agencies, marketers and sites. Designed with the end user in mind, it makes it easier for you to make more from online advertising.



Why AdBOX™

Tailored to the needs of the end user, AdBOX™ aims to help you achieve maximum efficiency in online advertising.

Real-time access to your advertising campaigns

With this feature, you can access your campaigns to track them in real time. This allows you to make on-the-fly changes and fine-tune your marketing continuously in order to address new customer demands.


AdBOX™ collect statistics such as the number of impressions and clicks, providing immediate results of the performance of your ad campaigns. It also tracks the performance of dierent parts of your website(s). These data can be exported to Excel to enable custom analysis.


This option allows you to find out where your customers come from, country- or town-wise. It is a way for you to highly target yours ads by displaying content specific for a geographical region.

Banner optimization

AdBOX™ offers a set of creative optimization features. You can set limits as to the amount of impressions, choose banners to display based on their priority, limit impressions by hour, date, week or month.

Intuitive web interface

To streamline workflow, AdBOX™ allows you to track the performance of multiple campaigns from a single, easyto- use interface.


AdBOX™ interacts with other ad servers that may be functioning in the web sites you choose to run your campaigns (Google, Gemius, Open X. etc).

Targeting Audience

Lease banners on the time interval (CPT)

Advertisers rented a place where only displays its banner a certain time interval, whether it be one month, three months or a year.


Paying a thousand banner impressions (CPM)

Banner is displayed as often as the advertiser wants, and are charged per thousand impressions.


Pay per click on the banner (CPC)

Advertisers pay only when a visitor clicks on the banner, while displaying banners of charge.



AdBOX™ is a Inbox product, a leading full service web company in Serbia. With 20 employees, the company over the past 13 years, providing all kinds of services related to the development of online applications - from planning, design and development to hosting, system support and maintenance.

Years of experience in research and development resulted in a range of its own software products, which have been in use for several years in renowned media houses and advertising agencies in Serbia.

Company Profile

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